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Readers Respond: What is your favorite homeschool coop class?

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Homeschool coop classes provide an opportunity for homeschool children to experience learning in a group atmosphere. Young students learn skills such as raising your hand to speak, taking turns, waiting in lines, etc. Older students learn more advanced group skills such as working together on projects, class participation, respect for teachers and fellow students. What is your favorite homeschool class your children have participated in? What materials were used? What projects did they do? Were there any field trips involved? Do you have any pointers for others who wish to teach the same class/topic?

Preparing something awesome!

The co-op class I've taught and enjoyed teaching for several years now is a Science class. Science is really fascinating to me and the great thing about a co-op class is that it forces me to prepare something really awesome that my kids will then benefit from. If it's just my kid learning Science, I might be lazier and just read a book about it and not feel like doing all the experiments and cleaning up the mess or possibly playing a fun review game. Plus the kids have so much more fun doing it all with friends and I have so much more time preparing for the Science if someone else is taking care of e.g. History and Math games for me, instead of me doing all the work and preparation for all the subjects. I found this especially true as my kids got older. I think co-ops are such a lifesaver. I love helping those who are new to co-ops to navigate around the possible landmines to maximize their co-op experience. I love co-ops!

Games and Other Fun Co Op Classes

Last year, I taught a 'games' class where we worked on math and language arts skills through games like blackjack, Yahtzee, and other great games, while working on sportsmanship as well. The kids LOVED this class, and I saw real growth in all of them in various areas. Other moms taught science (using videos, projects and some reading), writing (with Mad Libs, writing projects, and group games) and even sign language (through full immersion for half an hour). We all shared what skills were covered each week through a Yahoo group, so we all had the info for our records if we wanted it. This year, I'm going to cover writing as well as games, and am planning on having the kids create short stories and even comic books, as well as play games and do some worksheets. We'll also be studying history, the states and capitals, and cooking. My friend, Elmarie Hyman (a veteran co-op mom), and I are even doing workshops to help other homeschoolers get started now. It's been wonderful!
—Guest Elizabeth Scott

Favorite class that I have taught

I recently taught a cooking with literature classes for K-1. We would read a story, do activities in one period then cook something from the story the next period- ex Stone Soup, made mosaics of the veggie each kid brought in, made stone soup.
—Guest Missysue

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