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YA Books That Will Make Kids Think

YA books can be edgy, but for students ready to tackle difficult themes they are some of the best literature being published today.

Back-to-School Stress-Busters for Homeschoolers

Tired of the mall crowds at back-to-school time? Escape the crush by creating a schedule that suits your family's needs.

How to Help Kids Work on Their Own

Learning to work on your own is a skill all children need to develop as they get older. Here are tips that encourage students towards independent learning.

Teach Kids Organization With a Homeschool Schedule

A homeschool schedule can be a useful tool to help kids learn the art of organizing their time.

Great Kids Books About Homeschoolers

Books with homeschooling characters help kids see how they fit into the wider world.

How to Avoid the "Mommy Grade" Stigma

Here's how to demonstrate your child's abilities objectively and avoid the stigma of "mommy grades."

Best Blogs About Learning

Some blogs to make you think about the shape of education in the United States and around the world.

The Secret to Teaching Math? Make it Fun

The best math students share a sense of playfulness.

Awesome Reading Activities

Find suggestions for making books even more exciting with activities that add context to the story.

Homeschooling Foreign Language

Homeschooling lets students start learning foreign language earlier and choose from more languages than public school students.

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