1. Education
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Let Your Kids Have Fun This Summer!

Girls Playtent

Want your kids to learn better? Give them plenty of time to play on their own.

Give Children Back Their Childhood
Homeschooling Spotlight10

Best Blogs About Learning

Some blogs to make you think about the shape of education in the United States and around the world.

The Secret to Teaching Math? Make it Fun

The best math students share a sense of playfulness.

Awesome Reading Activities

Find suggestions for making books even more exciting with activities that add context to the story.

Homeschooling Foreign Language

Homeschooling lets students start learning foreign language earlier and choose from more languages than public school students.

Kids, Sleep, and Homeschooling

Sleep helps kids learn -- and keep on an even keel.

What Does It Mean to Teach to Mastery?

How to emphasize learning over grades and test scores.

Stop Playing With Your Children!

Kids need unstructured time to learn and grow.

Life After Homeschooling

Reflections on what the end of homeschooling means for parents and for students.

The Problem With "Rigor" in Education

When it comes to learning, harder doesn't always mean better

What Homeschooling Really Looks Like

See that parent and child bent over a workbook at kitchen table? If that's your idea of homeschooling, think again.

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