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Readers Respond: What is your experience as a homeschool grandparent? What role do you take?

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There is a new breed of grandmothers appearing on the horizon...homeschool grandmothers. But what is a homeschool grandma? What do they do? How do they contribute to their grandchildren? There are different types of homeschool grandmothers:
  • Veteran homeschool mother, now watching her grandchildren being homeschooled
  • Grandmother who never homeschooled her own children, but now her grandchildren are being homeschooled
  • Grandmother who has taken on the task of raising her grandchildren and chooses to homeschool them.
What is your experience as a homeschool grandparent? What role do you take? How do you help out?

Our third year

This is our third year to homeschool grandchildren. It started with one 6th grade grandson. This year, as an 8th grader, he decided to return to public school and he's in the Junior Honor Society. Along the way, we added his younger brother as a first grader. This is his second year to be homeschooled. He has mild Aspergers and sensory issues and spent a large chunk of his kindergarten year in the principal's office. A very bright little boy, he does well with the one-on-one instruction that wouldn't be possible in public school. This year we added his third grade cousin. She was not reading last summer, but is now reading level 2 books with excellent comprehension. Each child is able to advance at his or her own rate. I've just started to introduce our 3 year old granddaughter to a preschool curriculum. My husband was a high school and community college math teacher for over 35 years. He handles math and science, I do the rest. It's not how we planned our retirement, but we love it.
—Guest Pat

Sudden Change of Plans!

I have also wondered if I were the only Grandma out there homeschooling! My grown son and his then 4 yr old daughter came to live with me after a painful marital breakup. I was already close to Lily, and felt blessed to be able to help them cope. My sons excelled in public school, and as I became more aware of homeschooling I began to say "If I were a young mother starting out today, I would definitely homeschool" Well, I'm not a young mother, but a 58 year old Grandma, loving homeschooling. My son would not have considered it for his daughter, but has come to understand the many layers of benefits and blessing. It does require a life-changing commitment, and support from other adults is so very helpful. Grandmas have some unique sets of issues, not the least of which is a drop in energy from younger years, and a complete re-thinking of retirement years. There are also financial concerns that may not have been planned for in advance. To me, the rewards far outweigh the challenges.
—Guest Grandma Ruth

Belle Middle School - homeschool

I am starting my second year of homeschooling my granddaughter who is 13. She was miserable at public school and begged me an entire summer to homeschool her. After one day of homeschooling I knew there was a reason she was so miserable at school. She could not read! I worked with the public school system to get her tested for learning disabilities through Child Find. She was finally diagnosed as dyslexic during the Christmas break and we started working with a tutor shortly after that. I have gotten training to be able to work with her to help with the dyslexia - multisensory reading and spelling. Next is Developing Metacognative Skills so we can begin to work on better vocabulary and comprehension. It was quite a journey for the first year. There were days we both cried and had to just take a "time out", but most of the time we have a good time reading and exploring many, many exciting subjects. She named our school "Belle Middle School" so we would be official!


My daughter's oldest daughter is now 11 and home schooled. During those years I have become acquainted with quite a few of her friends. There is a definite "bond" between them like no other. They do really stick together during the good times and the not so good. They help each other with family fund-raisers, "meals on wheels" during the time of pregnancy and sickness. I see that as being a great role model for their children. I encourage my daughter to make EVERY day a home school day; going to the supermarket is a great place to have a math class. Going on vacation is field trip focusing on history and science. I get great pleasure in watching all the home schooled children "stand up and stand out" in the homes and the public places they visit. Yes, I AM a supporter of home school families! Keep up the good work and don't believe the "lies".

homeschool grandmothers

At last!! For the past 15 months or so, since beginning to homeschool my grandson, I have wondered if I was the only one!! My grandson has lived with us for the past 6 years. We have custody and I have homeschooled him since mid-year in his 3rd grade. Because we sensed a laxness in the school curriculum, we decided to give it a try at home. What a revelation! I found that he had been urged so strenuously to speed read, his comprehension was near zero! Also, I thought his spelling was OK, but found that he only memorized the list for the week, without actually retaining or understanding how the words were constructed. We began with SOS, which I continued in 4th grade this year, but I have added nearly another entire curriculum using only books/workbooks -- always trying to shore up those little weaknesses. My life has changed significantly since beginning this journey, from retirement to teacher -- I just hope I can continue this through his high school grades.

Web cam anyone?

As a veteren homeschooler I have the privilege to help my daughter,who lives overseas, with our 2 grandsons via the web cam. We have fun with the special holidays calendar. I also do printable pages with them. They can hold up their work for me to see. We are exploring doing all subjects. I can also give my daughter a break when needed or each child can be getting one on one time.
—Guest Ruth

My New Experience

I raise my grandson and have started homeschooling. We started last January and it has had its trial and errors.I have doubted myself from the beginning but I am now realizing just how important it is for me to have the opportunity to do this wonderful thing. To be able to watch him grow and learn under my supervision is wonderful. I have 3 of my own children and would never have thought about homeschooling.Boy did I miss out! My child is so much happier and healthier since we started this.My advice to anyone is to do what is in your heart, you know what is best for your child.
—Guest Cathy

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