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Paper Mache Coconuts


Paper Mache Coconuts is a fun craft for the kids to make and a fun game too! This is good for a study on Robinson Crusoe, tropical islands, Hawaii, monkeys, etc.


  • Different size round balloons
  • Newspaper strips
  • Tacky Glue and water or you can use paper mache paste
  • Brown Paint
  • Old paint brushes(bristle type) or dried grass
Choose what size you want your coconut and blow up the balloon. If using glue and water mix them together now. Take the newspaper strips and dip them into the glue or paste and take off the excess and place the strips onto the balloon. Place enough layers that all of the balloon is covered with newspaper at least a quarter inch thick. Leaving an opening big enough to allow you to put things in the coconut.

Let dry over night and then the next day puncture the balloon and pull the remains of it out. Let the inside dry a little while if still kind of sticky.

Take small toys, candies, etc and place in the coconut. After you have placed all you want in the coconut, take more newspaper strips to cover the opening. Also glue down a piece of string or yarn to for hanging.

Take the bristles or dried grass dipped in the glue mix and press onto the paper coconut. After it is fully covered let dry overnight.

Paint the coconuts brown.

Now you are ready to hang your coconuts from a palm tree or a tree in the back yard for the kids to pick or knock out of the tree. Then they can bust open their coconuts to get to the treats inside.

Variation: You can make coconut cups from these too. Instead of leaving an opening, cover the whole balloon and after it is dry take your plastic cup that is as tall as coconut and place on the coconut and draw around the top of the cup. Now cut out the hole and stuff some newspaper strips into the opening pressing them to the sides and then put the cup into it. Then put some more strips onto the coconut and around the edge of the cup. After they are dry. Finish the coconuts like above.

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