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Top 4 Hands-on History - Egyptian Games


Bring history to life with some hands-on fun. These are my top picks for Ancient Egypt games. Some of these games originated in Ancient Egypt, some are modern games packed with fun and information about Ancient Egypt.

1. Senet Game

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Senet is a fun game of chance and strategy from the time of ancient Egypt. The goal is to move your pieces around and off the board. Use the traditional sticks to determine your move or use a die. We have been enjoying this game in our family since our Egypt study years ago.

2. DaVinci's Challenge

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This board game is a classic strategy game with hidden mysteries. The pattern of circles on the game board forms the ancient Flower of Life that was inscribed on the Pyramid walls by the Egyptians and studied by DaVinci. Players place shapes on teh board to reveal mysterious patterns. For ages 8 and up.
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3. Mummy Rummy Card Game

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Players dig and sift through cards trying to complete pictures of ancient Egyptian treasures. It takes 3 cards to form a complete picture, and players will receive points for each "Trio" they make. But they must beware the Mummy Rummy Capture! Includes 45 image cards, Egyptian Treasures Guide, and game instructions. For ages 8 and up.

4. Egyptians

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This Egyptian board game is a game of knowledge, skill, and luck. Battle your rivals, barter for important cards, answer questions on history and culture...and strive for the ultimate honor of Supreme Pharaoh! Includes wooden game pieces, map playing board, game cards, and information booklet. For ages 7 and up.
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