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Top 4 Magazines for Boys


Magazines encourage reading and broaden the horizons of kids. These magazines are designed for boys or appeal to boys, ages 5 to 14.

1. Boys' Quest

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Boys' Quest is a bimonthly magazine for boys ages 5-13. Each issue is packed with stories, cartoons, jokes and riddles. For hands-on fun, there are cooking projects, science experiments and math puzzlers. Other exciting columns include collecting, computers, pen pals, contests and more. There is no advertising or violence in the magazines.

2. Boys' Life

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Boys' Life is the official youth magazine of the Boy Scouts. Each issue has feature articles, comics, jokes, projects, Scouts in Action, and more. 12 issues per year.

3. Ranger Rick

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Ranger Rick Magazine is filled with colorful animal photos, funny drawings, stories, and intriguing information. It is geared for ages 7-12.

4. National Geographic Kids Magazine

National Geographic Kids is an exciting magazine featuring animals, stories, games, posters, collector's cards, puzzles and contests. For ages 8-14.
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