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Gifted and Special Needs

Here is information and advice to make homeschooling your exceptional child effective and rewarding.
  1. Special Challenges (4)

How to Homeschool Gifted Kids
Gifted kids often thrive as homeschoolers, learning what they want at a pace that's appropriate for them.

Short-Term Homeschooling
Homeschooling, even for a short period, can be a positive experience that will help a child throughout their education.

5 Reasons to Homeschool a Disabled Child
Many disabled children do much better in their home environment than they ever did in a typical classroom.

Early Intervention - Getting a Diagnosis
Early Intervention - Getting a Diagnosis. Nobody knows your child like you do. If you have concerns about your child, do your homework. Read everything you can. Know your rights. You must be your child's advocate.

Homeschooling Your Special Needs Child
Many children with learning disabilities are taught at home. Like most homeschooled children, these children generally do well in the home environment with love and nurturing from their parents.

HELP! I Can't Take it Anymore!
Many of us are beginning to feel bogged down and burned out! How can we accomplish everything that needs to be done everyday and keep our sanity?

Tough Decisions - What if you want to put your kids in school?
What if you want to put your kids in school? Will you have the support of your friends and family or be judged and criticized?

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