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Outdoor Bubble Fun

Outdoor Bubble Fun


There are so many ways to have fun with bubbles. Make a nice big dishpan full with good dishwashing liquid and water. Adding a little corn syrup or glycerin to the water will give the bubbles more staying power.

Bubble Blower Scavenger Hunt

Send your little one on a bubble blower scavenger hunt. Anything that is water resistant, has one or more holes and will fit in the dishpan is a bubble blower. Slotted spoons, spatulas, fly swatters, badminton rackets, potato mashers, colanders, berry baskets, pieces of old laundry baskets, short lengths of PVC pipe, keys, there really is no end to what they will start suggesting.

Bubbles and Fans

Once in a while set up a small electric fan nearby, if an adult is available to supervise and keep track of little fingers. Set up a "target" near your pan of bubbles and teach them to blow or waft with a fan towards the target. Give them an old fashioned egg beater and see what happens.

Bubbles and Dolls

Take out some all plastic dolls and play bathing the baby. Launder the doll clothes.

Educational Value of Bubble Playing

When your child is tuckered out from all this fun, log in your science hours. You have been exploring cause and effect, evaporation, properties of water and soap, wind currents and relative humidity (bubbles last longer in humid weather). With the addition of the baby bath and laundry activities you have included personal hygiene, and home economics.

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