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Pee-Wee Division (4-5 year olds)

Rules and Regulations


The Pee Wee Division consists of up to 10 players, ages 4 and 5 - 4 players and coach on court. Basket height - 6 foot, Basketball size 3 (mini) - Free throw line 10 foot.
  1. Rules: The league will not adhere to a rulebook. Since most of the participants do not understand fouls or violations, the officials will use their best judgement during the game. Penalties/violations will only be enforced if a player is gaining an advantage.

  2. Exception: Key violations-none and traveling-3 steps.

  3. Defense: Teams may play zone or man-to-man at any time during the game. There are no limitations. Zone defense is highly recommended.

  4. Press: Teams may defend the ball only after the ball penetrates the half court line. The defensive players may not defend until the ball penetrates the half court line. No full court press.

  5. 1st Pass/Back-court Rule: After the defensive player secures the rebound, the 1st pass must be in the back-court, to the coach.

  6. Free Throws: Each player will shoot at least one free-throw prior to the start of play. Each successful free-throw will be recorded in the score-book and count in the teams overall Score. Officials will administer the free throws. A player who missed will be allowed to shoot an extra shot to balance the team attempts, the free-throw line will be designated by the officials. A shooter may touch the line, but not cross completely over the line with his/her foot, on free-throw attempts.

  7. Players: Teams may have a maximum of four players on the court. The coach will be on the court on offense to help dribble and move the ball around. (The coach may not shoot the ball) The coach may be on the court at the defensive end, may not play defense and only coach defensively without physical contact.

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