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Homeschooling and Life

Homeschooling can affect every aspect of your family's daily life. Here's how to make the most of it.
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What Homeschooling Really Looks Like
Parent and child bent over workbook at kitchen table -- if that's your idea of homeschooling, think again.

The Only Homeschooling Advice You'll Ever Need
What I tell new homeschoolers, boiled down into five thoughts.

Short-Term Homeschooling
Homeschooling, even for a short period, can be a positive experience that will help a child throughout their education.

5 Quick-Start Homeschooling Suggestions
Steps to take when you're just starting to homeschool.

How to Combine Work and Homeschool
5 strategies working parents can use to meet all their family’s needs.

What Not to Say to a Homeschooler
Yeah, they said it. Here's how to deal with it (and avoid a playground fight).

7 Surprising Things About Homeschooling
Homeschooling is more normal than you think -- but it's still very different from traditional school.

Mystery Meat, the Prom, and Other American Traditions
What is it about school that homeschoolers are really missing out on?

Tips for Homeschooling in Small Spaces
Make the most of a small home with these space-saving homeschool suggestions.

Housekeeping Versus Homeschooling
Keep the chaos at bay while keeping things in perspective.

Learning on the Road
Some ways to make travel educational.

Is It Harder to Homeschool Teens?
Homeschooling teens can have its own challenges, but the rewards are worth it for parent and children alike.


Cooking Tips for Homeschoolers
Shortcuts and strategies to keep your family well-fed.

Fit Cooking Into Your Curriculum
The benefits of moving class to the kitchen go beyond learning how to make something good to eat.

Cooking Lessons for Kids
Homeschoolers benefit many ways by learning home economics.

10 Ways to Help Your Kids Learn
Homeschooling tips for any parent

Teaching Kids About Food
Create cooking lessons on buying, preparing and safely handling food.

Relaxed Homeschooling
Homeschooling doesn't have to be hard to be effective.

How to Fit Homeschooling Into Your Life
How homeschoolers teach their kids and get everything else done, too.

Boredom-Proof Your Kids
Get more done by helping children learn resourcefulness.

Solve Common Work-Family Problems
Working while you're homeschooling takes flexibility and creativity.

Taking Your Homeschooling Skills to the Marketplace
How to describe what you do to employers.

Make Homeschooling Work For You
Find a homeschooling style that works for your family by balancing your child's needs with your own. Here are suggestions for figuring out how much you can handle, and finding help for the rest.

5 Not-Back-to-School Ideas
For homeschoolers, back to school time opens up a world of possibilities.

Homeschoolers on Screen
5 films featuring homeschooled characters.

Homeschool Glossary
Understanding common terms used by schools and families.

10 Famous Homeschoolers
You'll never believe which celebrities were homeschooled.

Homeschooling Studies And Statistics (And Why You Shouldn't Trust Them)
Regard any facts and figures about homeschooling with a wary eye.

Real-Life Budget Help: "Graduation Debt" by Reyna Gobel
"Graduation Debt" explains the confusing world of college loans and how to deal with them.

Stop Playing With Your Children!

Kids, Sleep, and Homeschooling
Can't get them up early? Let them sleep in.

Teach Kids Organization With a Homeschool Schedule
A homeschool schedule can be a useful tool to help kids learn the art of organizing their time.

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