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Homeschooling magazines available online and by subscription.
  1. Christian Homeschooling Magazines (7)

Home Education Magazine
The oldest, most respected, and most informative homeschooling magazine.

Secular Homeschooling Magazine
Secular Homeschooling Magazine is a non-religious magazine that reflects the diversity of the homeschooling community. Its readers and writers are committed to the idea that religious belief is a personal matter rather than a prerequisite of homeschooling.

The Link
A homeschool newspaper on the web with regular features by the Colfaxes and other leading homeschool writers.

Homeschooling Horizons Magazine
Homeschooling Horizons Magazine provides its readers with all the information needed to provide their child with a learning-rich environment. Printed ten times per year, the magazine is the only all-Canadian, low subscription rate homeschooling magazine in Canada.

Learners Online Magazine
Learners Online helps teachers and home educators make the Net an accessible, useful educational tool. Each monthly issue gives you the knowledge and tools you need to integrate online content with traditional home and classroom learning.

Life Learning
A bimonthly subscription magazine dedicated to providing inspiring information about unschooling.

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