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Homeschool Laws and Regulations

Find out what laws and regulations apply to homeschooling in your area and how to comply with them.
  1. State Regulations (51)

What You Need to Know About Homeschooling Requirements
Understanding your local laws can make homeschooling go more smoothly.

How to Avoid Problems with Homeschool Regulations
You can meet your family's educational needs while staying within your local requirements.

Why Homeschoolers Shouldn't Panic Over Common Core
The latest "fix" for public education is worth watching but not worrying over.

Standardized Testing and Homeschooling
Homeschooling gives you more control over the tests your children take. Learn the pros and cons.

No-Stress Homeschool Record Keeping
That "permanent record" you always heard about is whatever you and your children want it to be.

Homeschool Records: How to Describe What You Do
Learn some classroom terms to explain what your kids are learning to schools, colleges and others.

Homeschooling in New York State
Tips, tricks, and resources that will help you cope with the regulations as painlessly as possible.

Prepare a Narrative Homeschool Transcript
A narrative transcript is a great way to show how homeschooling prepared your student to succeed in college.

How to Write a Homeschooling Philosophy Statement
Craft a statement explaining your homeschooling philosophy to help define your family's personal goals and show colleges how your student was educated.

Homeschool Glossary
Definitions to common terms used by homeschoolers, teachers, and school officials.

5 Quick-Start Homeschooling Suggestions
Steps to take when you're just starting to homeschool.

Legal Information by State
Assistance in understanding the homeschooling laws and legalities for your state.

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