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Geography Resources

Resources to learn about Geography. Find geographical information and fun projects to make your homeschool learning more interesting.

About Geography
Includes maps and geographic information about every country and state as well as a vast resource for students and others interested in geography.

Helping Your Child Learn Geography
Help your child learn about geography with these fun ideas and activities.

Our 50 Great States
Introducing the email course 'Our 50 Great States'! From Delaware to Hawaii, learn about all 50 states in the order they were admitted to the Union. At the end of 25 weeks (2 states per week), you'll have a United States Notebook filled with information about each state; and, if you're up for the challenge, you will try recipes from all 50 states. Will you join me on the journey?

Province Unit Studies
Canadian Province Unit Studies are designed to help children learn the geography of Canada and learn factual information about every province. 

State Unit Studies
State Unit Studies created by your About Homeschooling Guide to help students learn the geography of the United States and learn factual information about every state. Complete the units and create a United States notebook.

Geography Worksheets - Free Printable Geography Worksheets
Free geography worksheets for your students. Add these free printable geography worksheets to your homeschool day to reinforce geography skills and for variety and fun.

Hands-on Geography
Bring geography to life with some hands-on fun. These are my top picks for hands-on learning for geography.

Hands-on Geography Activity Books
Bring geography to life with hands-on activities and projects. These are my top picks for hands-on project and activity books to enrich your homeschool study of geography.

Top Hands-on Geography - Globes
Bring geography to life with some hands-on fun. These are my top picks for world globes to help children understand geography and get a grasp on where things are in the world.

Understanding Charts and Graphs
Lessons for teaching Charts and Graphs to homeschooled children. Charts and Graphs is a topic that's covered all through school, from Kindergarten through 9th grade.

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