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Recommended Reading - Elementary Level (Grades 1-6)

Books recommended by participants of the Summer Reading Club


"The Lettuce Leaf Birthday Letter"
by Linda Taylor
Level: Read Aloud to 6 or 8 years old

The illustrations in this book are great! Lots of different animals and cute storyline. My 28 month old loves for me to read it to him! We got it from the library... Hope you enjoy!

"Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"(compare prices)
"Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator" (compare prices)
by Roald Dahl
Level: K-up

These books are simply classics! We first read them to our son when he was 5, and he immediately wanted to read them again, and then once more! Dahl's humor is wonderful for children and adults. The books are both about Charlie, a poor boy who finds a coveted golden ticket in his Wonka bar, sending him and his Uncle Joe on all sorts of adventures with Willy Wonka. The sequel takes Charlie, Wonka, and Charlie's whole family on a hilarious space adventure.

"Left Behind" Kids Series (compare prices)
by Tim LaHaye & Jerry Jenkins
Level: Upper elementary

These books follow the events after the rapture with a fictional plot line which follows the lives of some of the kids and teens left behind. My son says "Its Awesome!!!"

"Rain" (compare prices)
by V.C. Andrews
Level: 3

I was little understand. It was scary and mystery. I love it to read, I'm deaf.
Thank you, Toni

"Junie B. Jones" (compare prices)
by Barbara Park
Level: 1st-3rd grade

Junie B. Jones has her own series of beginning chapter books. They are hysterically funny! When my daughter started reading them it took her about two weeks to finish one. Now she can finish one in a day. It's a great accomplishment for her and she loves to read the funny parts aloud for us. Her reading ability has improved greatly and all credit goes to Junie B. and her antics! We can't wait to see what she does next.

"Redwall" (compare prices)
by Brian Jacques
Level: 10+

This is the first in his series of wonderful fantasy books about mice and other creatures that live in an old abbey. They experience many exciting adventures. There's always the good fighting against evil (no witchcraft or wizardry stuff). The description is really what pulls you into these stories. You feel almost as if you are there! I highly recommend these books to 'non-readers'. My daughter was one, but ever since I got her started on these books, we want to collect the whole set. Boys will love them too. Give them a try, you'll love them!

"Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" (compare prices)
by Ian Fleming
Level: 4-6th

Many have seen the movie but the book is actually quite delightfully different and much more true to Fleming's spy novel style. Set in the area around Canterbury and Dover, the eccentric Pott family of Commander Caractacus Pott, Mimsie, Jeremy and Jemina purchase and restore an antique race car with a mind of her own. The plot involves chasing down gangsters and a secret cave. A wonderful read-aloud, as well!

"Milly, Molly, and MANDY" (compare prices)
by Joyce Lankester Brisley
Level: 8 to 12

This book is well written and absolutely charming. My daughter loves this book, she has reread it many times and in my eyes that makes it a good book. Inside the front and back covers are maps of the village which the characters lived in. First copyright 1929, the book is a gem.

"The Winged Watchmen" (compare prices)
by Hilda Van Stockum
Level: 3rd-5th grade

The Winged Watchman is a story about the Nazi occupation of Holland in the early 1940's. It is the story of a family who does their best to help those in need and foil the army of Hitler. Told from the perspective of a young boy, it is a very good book with lots of adventure and accurate history. Very well written. I can recommend all of Van Stockom's books without hesitation.

"The Stolen Years" (compare prices)
byGloria Repp
Level: second grade

My son liked the book very much, he was very intrigued with the adventure and excitement of the book.

"Pippi Longstocking" (compare prices)
by Astrid Lindgren
Level: elementary

My five year old son is enjoying this book and the antics of Pippi. This story has encouraged us to have pretend "coffee" parties, climb trees, picnic and thing collect. We have been searching in the atlas for all of the far away lands Pippi claims to have visited. He is also quick to point out Pippi's misbehavior, however innocent she may seem to be. A very enjoyable story to read together as a family.

"Stay Away From Simon" (compare prices)
by Carrick
Level: 8 - 12 years

Stay Away From Simon is a story about two children walking home from school one day during a snow storm. They hear something behind them and look back and there's Simon! Is he following them? They leave the trail home and cut through the woods.... I recommend this story because the ending gives you the opportunity to talk to your children about how others are different and the meaning of compassion. This book can be read to younger children.

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