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Creative Ideas for Teaching Fractions

Ideas for Teaching Math


Fractions are fun! Well, once you learn them they are. Having a solid foundation of basic fraction concepts will make the advanced concepts easier to learn. These ideas are from the homeschooling forum. Do you have some tips to make teaching fractions easier and more fun? Scroll down to the green box to share your tip.

Make a Pie! Fractions Game

The Make a Pie fraction game is a perfect hands-on tool to make learning fractions exciting and fun. It will give your children a clear understanding of the concept fractions. Equivalent fractions are easy to grasp while playing the game and manipulating the pizza pie pieces. It's an excellent tool for learning fractions.

Fractions in the Kitchen

"Fractions? COOK! Measuring cups. Cutting. Dividing fractions? I bake cookies several times a week. If I bake cookies and we each want 4 cookies, how many do I need to make? Okay, I've got 20 cookies, how many do we get? Have tea parties with dolls and animals to alter the amount of guests. Split those cookies in half. Slice up that pizza.

As children progress, change recipes. Double it. Half it. Experiment with the ratios and proportions of different ingredients and how it effects the finished product. To cook double the rice, do you use double the water? What is the proper ratio of rice to water?

One great way to get through fractions is what I call "lunchbox fractions." In this, you use prepackaged food to add, subtract, multiply, and divide. This is also a fantastic way to learn multiples. Such as two Pop Tarts come in a pack. Or 6 crackers come in a pack. 4 people want 4 Pop Tarts each. How many packs of Pop Tarts do we need to buy?

You can also work with serving sizes for more fun, too. Start getting the nutritional information involved and you will have a whole health unit on your hand as well. My daughter is a fanatic when it comes to manipulating nutritional content. She is obsessed with consuming large amounts of protein and will alter her portion sizes to ensure she gets what she wants. Every meal in our house is a math lab, a science project, and a health experiment.

Store bought manipulatives are fun, but use lots of things from nature, too. Give them a scenario and send them into the yard to gather. Pine cones, rocks, plants, leaves, etc." - FlattSpurAcademy

Cooking is Fun

"My daughter and I like to cook together. Before we start to cook, I change the measurements to improper fractions and have her convert them one by one. We're having fun together and she doesn't mind this math lesson!" - Dawn

Cooking As A Lesson

"I have learned that my 9 yr old grandson is much better with hands on learning and cooking is a great teacher. We do things like bake cookies which involves measurement, adding of fractions (if doubling a recipe) reading of course, sequencing, following directions and telling and measuring units of time. We also cook complete meals and this is a valuble life skill as well. The lessons do not seem like lessons and the child learns without a fuss." - Tammy

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