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Math in a Flash

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The Bottom Line

Math in a Flash learning system by Edupress makes it easier for kids to learn their facts. Kids will love practicing their facts with these colorful cards.


  • Color-coded by number families
  • Self-checking
  • Hole-punched


  • None


  • 169 flash cards
  • Hole punched with 2 rings
  • Durable rounded corners

Guide Review - Math in a Flash

Edupress had kids in mind when creating their Math in a Flash learning system. These color-coded flash cards are 2.5" x 4" - sized for kids with durable rounded corners. The cards are hole-punched and include 2 rings for easy use, sorting and storing. Students can practice their math facts easily flipping through the self-checking cards. Flash cards are available for all operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Also available in the Math in a Flash series:

  • Progress Tracker
  • Notebook Charts
  • Wall Charts

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