1. Education
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Academic Subjects

Find resources and teaching suggestions for every subject.
  1. Language Arts (62)
  2. Math (57)
  3. Science (48)
  4. Social Studies (26)
  5. Physical Education (13)
  6. Learning Languages (4)
  7. Computers and the Internet (1)
  8. Fine Arts (34)
  9. Home Economics (34)
  10. Health and Nutrition (4)

Subject by Subject
An easy-to-use directory of articles on every academic subject.

The Three Rs (and Much More)
The top articles in every subject, including strategies, materials, and resources for all the learners in your home.


Reading Lists for Every Subject
From picture books to narrative nonfiction, and from historical fiction to how-to books, here are reading suggestions you can use throughout the curriculum.

Homeschooling Language Arts
Communication skills and an appreciation of the use of language will make life richer and more rewarding.

How to Homeschool Math
How to help students learn the basics and understand the beauty of math.

How to Homeschool Science
Ways to enhance your students' knowledge of science facts and concepts, with great tools and resources and hands-on activities.

Social Studies for Homeschooling Kids
Social studies doesn't have to be boring! Here are some tips for making history and culture come alive for your kids.

Computer Programming for Homeschoolers
Computers and technology are the way of the future. Help your child learn how they work and how best to use them.


STEM and STEAM Resources for Homeschoolers
Science, technology, engineering, math -- and art -- all come together in STEM and STEAM education.


Starting Out: Do I Need to Buy a Curriculum?
Find alternatives to traditional (and often expensive) homeschool curriculum and custom-design your child's learning experience.

Homeschool Records: How to Describe What You Do
Learn some classroom terms to explain what your kids are learning to schools, colleges and others.

Homeschooling vs School: The Differences in What Students Learn
What students learn at home can be based on their individual needs and interests, rather than standardized curriculum and tests.

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