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Teaching World History from a Christian Perspective
Digging deeper into world history from a Christian perspective.
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I've never been a history buff or anything, but I've been doing world history with my son this year.  We've thoroughly explored U.S. history in the past, but we never got very deep into world history.

When I was in high school, I took Latin for 3 years and, therefore, fell in love with ancient Rome, Julius Caesar, 'et to Brute', etc.  I was totally amazed to find that the world history book we were using lightly brushed over these topics that I love.  This gave me the feeling that we were missing many other things in other time periods.

Lo and behold, right at that time, I was asked to review three separate world history curriculums.  These are Christian curriculums and are heavily scripture based.  Two of them start at creation, the third starts with Ancient Egypt.

I like all three programs and will be pulling the parts out that fit our needs and teaching/learning styles.  We will be using the history text as a reference and will be digging deeper using these other resources.  Each program is a stand alone curriculum; but they actually interact very well and use many of the same resources.

We are restarting our study of world history and will probably spend another year and a half on the study.  We are integrating language arts, science, fine arts, and many other topics into our study.  We will be doing a lot of reading and writing, keeping a journal, doing hands-on projects; but, most importantly, we'll have fun exploring the world together.  My son is very interested in history and has always had lots of questions.

Reviews of the curriculums:

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