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Helping Your Child Learn Science

A visit to a farm makes a wonderful field trip for elementary school youngsters. But parents can also arrange visits. If you don't know a farmer, call the closest 4-H Club for a referral. Consider dairy farms, as well as vegetable, poultry, hog, and tree farms.

On a dairy farm, see the cows close up, view silos, and learn what cows eat. Find out from the farmer:

  • Up to what age do calves drink only milk?
  • When do they add other items to their diets? What are they?
  • Why are the various foods a cow eats nutritious?

A visit to a farm also enables children to identify the difference between calves, heifers, and cows; to watch the cows being milked; to see farm equipment; to sit on tractors; and to ask questions about how tractors work.

If you visit a vegetable farm, encourage your children to look at the crops and ask questions about how they grow. If your children grew up in an urban area, they may have no idea what potatoes or beans look like growing in a field.

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