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Summer Learning Fun - Home Economics Ideas

Ideas to keep the kids busy and learning during the summer.


Taking a break from homeschooling? ...that doesn't mean the learning has to stop!

Home economics can be great fun during the summer. Consider getting together with others to cook or sew. My daughter is getting together with a group of girls every week to work on projects and create some masterpieces in the kitchen.

Here are some ideas that you might try. I will be adding to this list all summer, so keep checking back.


  • Frozen Yogurt Mini Unit
    Learn about frozen yogurt and have fun with the activities.
  • Fruit Bowl
    Make this great fruit salad and the bowl to serve it in!
  • Ice Cream in a Bag
    Another great ice cream idea - make it in about 5 minutes.
  • Ice Cream Mini Unit
    Learn about ice cream and have fun with the activities.
  • Juice Pop
    Make your own soda with all the nutrition of juice and the fizz that kids crave.
  • Watermelon Cake
    What a fantastic presentation this cake makes at a summer picnic or party.


  • Summer Sewing With Youngsters
    Teaching children to sew from the About Sewing Guide, Debbie Colgrove.
  • Tie Die
    Cold water tie die brings a classic craft back with a much safer and easier method.
  • Water Purse
    Make this thoroughly waterproof and easy-to-make drawstring purse.

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