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September 2012 Holidays, Special Days and Events

Fundays Calendar - September 2012


September 2012 Printable Coloring Calendar

September 2012 Printable Coloring Calendar

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Celebrate a holiday or special day every day in September 2012. Learn about holidays you never heard of. Be sure to check back every day for recipes, crafts, games and lots more fun things to do. Enjoy! (The link next to the day provides more information about the events.)

September Seasonal Specials:

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September Coloring Calendar

September 1st - Earthquakes, Wars and Nursery Rhymes

September 2nd - Fires, Battles and Popsicles September 3rd - Flags and Skyscrapers September 4th - Newspapers, First Ladies and Gold Medals September 5th - Baseball, boxing and Pizza September 6th - Explorers, Pilgrims and Books September 7th - Submarines, Uncle Sam and the Post Office September 8th - Railroads, Hurricanes and Scotch Tape September 9th - California, Teddy Bears and Marathons September 10th - Sewing Machines, Jamestown and Ideas September 11th - Patriot Day and Emergencies September 12th - Cave Paintings, Gold Medals and Milkshakes September 13th - Helicopters, Peanuts and Chocolate September 14th - Lighthouses, Hot Air Balloons and National Anthems September 15th - Puzzles, Presidents and Penicillin September 16th - Rocks, Mayflower and Mexican Independence September 17th - Constitutions, Space Shuttles and Apple Dumplings September 18th - Cornerstones, Newspapers and Cheeseburgers September 19th - Pirates, Presidents and Worms September 20th - Old Ironsides, Presidents and Explorers September 21st - Gratitude and Peace September 22nd - Elephants, Emancipation and Ice Cream Cones September 23rd - Planets, Explorers and Fall September 24th - American Indians, Devils Tower and Punctuation September 25th - Sequoias, Oceans and Crabmeat September 26th - Appleseed, Whales and Pancakes September 27th - Patriots, Locomotives and Chocolate Milk September 28th - California, Strawberries and Football September 29th - Bobbies, Mountain Climbing and Drinking Coffee September 30th - Home Runs, Mulled Cider and DinosaursSeptember 30 Children's Good Manners Month
National Chicken Month

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