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March 2012 Holidays, Special Days and Events

Fundays Calendar - March 2012


March 2012 Printable Coloring Calendar

March 2012 Printable Coloring Calendar

Beverly Hernandez
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Celebrate a holiday or special day every day in March. Learn about holidays you never heard of. Be sure to check back every day for recipes, crafts, games and lots more fun things to do. Enjoy! (The link next to the day provides more information about the events.)

March Icons - These icons match the events on the March Fundays Calendar. They are designed to be used as each event is explored. The icons can be glued onto the March Coloring Calendar.

March Seasonal Specials:

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March 1: Yellowstone, Ohio, Nebraska and the Peace Corps

March 2: Seuss, Basketball and National Parks March 3: National Anthem, Florida and Telephones March 4: Vermont, Constitutions and Hot Springs March 5: Bank Holiday, Hula Hoops and National Parks March 6: Missouri Compromise, Dental Schools and Frozen Food March 7: Telephones, Monopoly Game and Cereal March 8: Hacky Sacks, Agriculture and Peanut Clusters March 9: Mailboxes, Barbies and Crabs March 10: Harriet Tubman, Money and Treaties March 11: Johnny Appleseed Day, Earthquakes and Lend-Lease March 12: Girl Scouts, Fireside Chats and Scallops March 13: Oil Embargo, First Ladies and Uranus March 14: Einstein, Cotton Gin and Dentists March 15: Maine, Andrew Jackson and the Ides of March March 16: Presidents, First Ladies and Magellan March 17: St. Patrick, Camp Fire Girls and Submarines March 18: Presidents, Oil Embargo and Stamp Act March 19: Swallows, Bridges and Daylight Savings Time March 20: Republicans, Relativity and Spring March 21: Zoos, Hot Air Balloons and Strawberries March 22: Comets, Space Shuttles and Hula Hoops March 23: Liberty, Lewis and Clark and Coins March 24: Half Dollars, Radio Signals and Subways March 25: Color TV, Woolly Mammoths and Maryland March 26: Beethoven, Cape Cod and Fire Extinguishers March 27: Fire Engines, Florida and Postage Stamps March 28: Censures, Nuclear Accidents and San Francisco March 29: Presidents, First Ladies and Niagara Falls March 30: Seward's Folly, Pencils and Doctors March 31: Eiffel Tower, Clams, Remember the Ladies and Daylight Savings Time

National Craft Month
National Peanut Butter Month

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