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January Holidays, Special Days and Events

Fundays Calendar - January


January 2013 Printable Coloring Calendar

January 2013 Printable Coloring Calendar

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Celebrate a holiday or special day every day in January. Learn about holidays you never heard of. Be sure to check back every day for recipes, crafts, games and lots more fun things to do. Enjoy! (The link next to the day provides more information about the events.)

January Icons - These icons match the events on the January Fundays Calendar. They are designed to be used as each event is learned about. The icons can be glued onto the January Coloring Calendar.

January Seasonal Specials:

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January 1 - New Year, Z Day and Betsy Ross

January 2 - Georgia, Speed Limit and Trade January 3 - First Ladies, Alaska and Drinking Straws January 4 - Utah, Isaac Newton and Spaghetti January 5 - Birds, Peanuts and Bridges January 6 - New Mexico, Weddings and Telegraphs January 7 - Presidents, Globetrotters and Train Stations January 8 - State of the Union, Battles and Toffee January 9 - Connecticut, Nixon and Apricots January 10 - Firefighters, United Nations and Bittersweet Chocolate January 11 - Hamilton, Designated Hitters, and Puddles January 12 - Pyramids, X-Rays and Missions January 13 - Frisbees, Oglethorpe and Ejection Seats January 14 - Constitutions, Eagles and Pastrami January 15 - Martin Luther King, Hats and Ice Cream January 16 - Space Shuttle, Fremont and Roller Skates January 17 - Michelle Obama, Benjamin Franklin and Earthquakes January 18 - Jazz, Australia and Hawaii January 19 - Archery, Popcorn and Zeppelins January 20 - Penguins, Basketball and Cheese January 21 - Stonewall Jackson, Squirrels and Granola January 22 - Space Debris, Artificial Lenses and Blondies January 23 - John Hancock, Handwriting and Bathyscaphes January 24 - Gold, Peanut Butter and Boy Scouts January 25 - Olympics, Telephones and Auld Lang Syne January 26 - Michigan, First Ladies and Australia January 27 - Light Bulbs, Atomic Testing and Chocolate Cake January 28 - Kazoos, Challenger Disaster and Coast Guard January 29 - McKinley, Kansas and Ice Cream Cones January 30 - Roosevelt, Cash Registers and Croissants January 31 - Baseball, the H-bomb and Guy Fawkes Related Resources:
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