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State Unit Study - North Carolina

Series of Unit Studies for each of the 50 states.


North Carolina Map
Graphic Maps

These state unit studies are designed to help children learn the geography of the United States and learn factual information about every state.  These studies are great for children in the public and private education system as well as homeschooled children.

Print the United States Map and color each state as you study it. Keep map at the front of your notebook for use with each state.

Print the State Information Sheet and fill in the information as you find it.

Print the North Carolina State Map and fill in the state capital, large cities and state attractions that you find.

Answer the following questions on lined paper in complete sentences.

North Carolina Printable Pages - Learn more about North Carolina with these printable worksheets and coloring pages.

State Symbols Quiz How much do you remember?

Fun in the Kitchen - North Carolina leads all other states in Sweet Potato production, producing about 40% of the national supply. Make this recipe and check out the other activities from the North Carolina SweetPotato Commission.

Presidents born in North Carolina:

North Carolina History Crossword - If you get stuck, all the answers are in the timeline.

State Motto Cryptogram - Do you know both the Latin and English versions of the state motto?

Cool Kid's Fishin' - Learn about crustaceans, fish and shellfish.

Alligator River - A virtual tour of Alligator River.

Nature Center - Learn about some of the animals at the Nature Center.

Wright Brothers - Wilbur and Orville Wright achieved the first successful airplane flights on December 17, 1903 at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. Make your own 1903 Wright Flyer model.

Coloring Pages - Color the state symbols.

North Carolina Word Game - Try to figure out a word that's important to North Carolina.

Famous North Carolinians - From kids, to writers, to athletes, learn about famous North Carolinians - then try the crossword puzzle.

Department of Agriculture - Learn about North Carolina's agriculture - don't miss the games and coloring pages on the activity page.

North Carolina Firsts - Read about these firsts that took place in North Carolina.

TrailBlazer Magazine - Explore the magazine for 4th - 6th graders.

Hollerin' Contest - Annual competition celebrates North Carolina Folklife.

Hands on Crafts - Have online fun with clay, basketry, quilting and weaving. 

How an Idea Becomes a Law - A simplified chart of the steps an idea must go through before it becomes law in North Carolina.

North Carolina Legends and Ghost Stories - Read these stories, ...if you dare.

NC DHHS - Check out the latest features of the Department of Health and Human Services Kids page. Learn all about Rabies (hear a Rabid Cow) and see the inside of an ambulance.

North Carolina Department of Transportation kids activities:

North Carolina Zoo - Take a virtual tour of the zoo, don't miss the kids page.

Photo Gallery - Photos of North Carolina taken by kids from North Carolina.

Department of Agriculture - Kid's Page with lots of fun activiites.

Geography Game - Find the state.

Odd North Carolina Law: It was illegal to drink milk or water on a train.

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