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Setting up a Schedule

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The summers used to be a refreshing time and a time to catch up around the house. But with teenagers in the house, the summers are too busy and no longer offer that needed relief. Now, with the school year starting up again, I wonder how will I ever fit everything into my schedule and accomplish all that needs to be done.

Laying out a plan for the school year and jotting down some goals can help relieve some of the stress. It helps you to see the overall picture and establish a plan to reach specific goals. Then by taking that overall plan and breaking it up into quarters, you have a much smaller chunk to work with and it's not so overwhelming. Here are some things to consider when setting up your schedule.

  • Set up a morning routine - establishing a morning routine is a good way to get your day going.
  • Establish a time for routine chores - have a time for regular pick-ups. Remember that a project isn't finished until the clean-up is done. Schedule it in with the project.
  • Many families schedule academics four days a week and reserve Fridays for field trips and projects.
  • Schedule time for yourself - When laying out your plans, be sure to schedule time for yourself. It can be for devotions, time to read, going for a walk, coffee with a friend, etc. I have to admit I don't practice what I preach here.
  • Ask your family and friends to hold off calling until you're finished with school or let the answering machine pick up the calls. (We've lost many school days to the telephone.)
  • Lay out a plan for your year. Begin with an overall plan for the year and then break it down into quarters, months, weeks and finally get into the nitty gritty of a daily plan.
  • Sample Daily Schedules - Here's a peek of daily schedules from some of the homeschooling forum members.
  • How to plan your homeschool day - Each homeschooling family is unique and will have to find the schedule that best suits their family. Here are some tips to help you in setting up a schedule for your school day.
  • Free homeschool scheduling forms available on the web.
  • How to Teach Multiple Grades - Teaching different grade levels at the same time can be challenging. Here are some tips to help accomplish this task.

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The years pass too quickly, savor this time with your little ones.

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