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Am I Anti-School? No, But ...

By July 8, 2013

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Many years ago, a PBS special on public schools in America called homeschooling "an exit strategy."

This always bothered me. Defining homeschooling as simply an escape from the public school system overlooks all the positive reasons to homeschool. And it ignores the fact that many homeschooling children also attend school at some point in their educational career.

That said, problems with the public schools, and with the institutional nature of most schools in general, is a big reason many parents choose homeschooling for their children. My new article lists the 10 Negative Reasons Why I Homeschool and explains why school was never an option that appealed to my family.

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July 19, 2013 at 1:02 pm
(1) LAC says:

The reason I chose to home school my children is that when they were both younger the schools that they attended didn’t fit my families needs. My daughter was at a school where there were a lot of celebrity children and while that’s OK for them it didn’t fit the need for us. Trust us we are not celebrities. It was next to impossible to get the extra help needed such as tutoring and the like because I guess celebrity children didn’t need those kinds of services at the school level. Parents of those children could hire their own tutors. Anyway it just didn’t serve our needs so I took my daughter out of the school when she was in the 6th grade and she home schooled right through High School earning her HS diploma and then went on to earn her certificates in business and Interior Decorating.
My son was enrolled at the new charter school in our neighborhood but when I took him his first day of kindergarten he cried and I was told by the Director he could not stay and so I thanked her for helping me decide what was best for him. He has been home-schooled since pre-school. He graduated high school in three years and enrolled in college two weeks after graduation. If PBS thinks that homeschooling is an “exit strategy” I have to say it was the best exit we ever had!

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