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Readers Respond: How do you make kindergarten graduation memorable?

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From the article: Homeschooling Kindergarten
Kindergarten is a special time. Graduation from kindergarten marks the end of the early learning period that paves the way for scholastic success. How do you recognize the importance of this milestone and make the promotion memorable for your child and family?

Homeschooling Kindergarten

I created my own real phonics learn-to-read lessons supplemented by Sonlight Curriculum's preschool and Kindergarten curriculum minus the bible junk (we are Atheists) . Using real books and no workbooks was very successful. We used Saxon Math.

Slideshow with party

You could make a slide show with pictures of them and each family member saying something nice about them. You could then have a cake and a party.
—Guest Victoria

What we're doing to honor her big day...

In all fairness, Kay is only partially homeschooled this year. but since her school refuses to acknowledge this event, we are doing it anyways. She's having her graduation pomp and circumstance, complete with a party.
—Guest cd

Making kindergarten graduation memorable

Graduation is indeed a special time. Last year we had a very simple drama on stage. It was really difficult to prepare as the kids found problems to memorize the simple dialogues. Until then, I (the teacher) would have to stay on stage as well to guide them. Thankfully it then ran well. The kids were so proud and the parents were so happy to see them acting.....Big applause ended the drama. This year graduation is coming, it's only 3 weeks left to prepare..but honestly i still have no idea yet what to perform. Please kindly advise me something. I'm very grateful for your ideas.
—Guest tri

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