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Readers Respond: How do you make your homeschool high school graduation memorable?

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High school graduation is an exciting time. Graduation from high school is a time of looking to the future and making the transition into adulthood. In the midst of the life decisions being made from college/career to living arrangements, how do you make the homeschool high school graduation special?

The Big Apple!!

I don't think my son picked New York City as his graduation destination because it is called "The Big Apple", but educationally...doesn't it seem appropriate?! We are headed to NYC to have our own personal graduation ceremony for our son in Central Park. His graduation pics of throwing his cap in the air will be against the city skyline. And the key focus of the whole trip will be celebrating what amazing things he has accomplished. I think a trip to NYC is kind of like a graduation present for our WHOLE family!!

Homeschool Graduation

We got together with a friend whose son graduated this year. We planned our own graduation. We had a message, songs vocal and instrumental, and food afterward. We made programs up consisting of page with student's picture and testimony of salvation.
—Guest Mom of Three

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