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Readers Respond: When do you begin your homeschool year?

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From the article: Setting up a Schedule
Homeschooling families set their own schedules and can choose when to begin and end their school year. What schedule do you keep? Do you begin in August, September? Do you school year round? Do you keep the traditional school year and holidays? Share your annual plan with us.

Transitioning to a new schedule..

We ended last year mid-May, and restarted June 1 - took some time off due to a vacation and then a death in the family. We'll take off for a "Winter break" starting Thanksgiving week & start back January. We should be finished with "school" by May again. We prefer to break during more mild weather due to the nasty heat during summer. We might as well learn while we're stuck indoors!

The whole year...

We don't have a super strict schedule. Some days are very relaxed, but we are always learning. The best thing I learned when I started to home school was that you should make it part of your life style. Taking "academic time off" really can't happen, especially if learning is fun. We do lots of activities all the time and it all counts as schooling.

Year Round

I am the mother of 6, 5 still at home. With all those children, and endless life interruptions, year round has worked well for us.

Labor Day baby!!

We start after Labor Day. We live in Baltmore, Maryland, so we follow the Baltimore County school system. We are also Jewish so there is no school on feast days. We usually end mid May.
—Guest LaLa

Two months off

We generally take June and July off and start school the first week of August. That gives us lots of leeway if we need to take any time off. I work full time out of our home in addition to homeschooling, but my schedule is flexible. By starting early, I can take a day off here and there as needed. Last year, when my father-in-law passed away, we were able to take a week off right before spring break and we didn't lose spring break.
—Guest South Carolina Mom

Changes year to year, but..

Our schedule has changed year after year, but this year's schedule is to start the 23 of Aug and end mid May. We always end mid May following a dance recital of the kids'. Then they go on vacation with Grandma out of state. This year, we are having school all but a week off for fall, winter and summer each. I wanted full five day weeks as well without interruption, so this did it. We used to follow the area school schedule to allow the kids the same time off to spend with PS friends, but that cut up the weeks and created havoc with our schedule. We are required to schedule the year by hours, and we tend to have a little longer hours per day, so we are able to have a fairly short school schedule and still well exceed the state requirements.
—Guest Heidi

Year round

Our school operates year round allowing us freedom to pick and choose days off that are meaningful to us. We school through Christmas and other national holidays and take time off for biblical holy days. We take ample time to explain to our children the days that our Creator has instructed us to rest. We enjoy those days immensely and because of it we have more energy to tackle daily assignment and chores that we have throughout the rest of the year.
—Guest Victoria Hanline

Different every year!

This year we sort of had school during the summer. It was a hit and miss kind of thing. There was a lot of learning that went on, just not documented. So this week, August 9th was our 1st official day. Each year it had been different. When I first home schooled, 4 yrs ago, we started after Labor Day. I like having the freedom to take off either when it's needed or wanted. We tend to take 2 to 3 weeks off in the winter for a break. I make sure we get in our 1000 hours though as required by law.
—Guest catsnmore

Time for school!

We started today, August 3, 2010. This way we can take all of December off to make crafts, wrap presents, and have a good ole fashioned Christmas!!! Merry Christmas to all the homeschoolers out there...start early and avoid the rush!!!
—Guest Grammie

When do we begin our school year?

Up until this year home schooling was done entirely through my own agenda. My son could decide when he wanted to start the school year so sometimes it was after Labor Day. We would end the year after the required number of days to satisfy the law. For us it was 180. This year however my son started his Distant Learning program for High School and they have a schedule of when exams need to be done so we are sticking to that schedule. It does mean less time off for us but even still it is flexible enough that if you wanted to finish it faster you can. My son will be working year round until it is finished. But his study days are not all day long either so there is plenty of time to do what he likes to do.
—Guest LC

Year round

We've got a sort of year round schedule. We continue through May to the last week of June and take off July. Summer camp is the last week of July and we consider that the start of school. We take Halloween, 2 days at Thanksgiving, a week at Christmas and a week in Spring off. This gives us far more than the required 180 days so if one day is light it's more than made up for.
—Guest Guest L


I start my children at the age of 2 years old. You'd be surprised how much they learn before they're "testing age." We keep a strict schedule, but also take every weekend off and we have "Field Trip Friday" every week where we go to museums, the zoo, exploration trails, and anything that works with the season. We start the end of August and take our break the middle of July. 5 weeks off. We also work towards whatever national holiday or small holiday coming up the week leading into it. At first learning about it and later preparing for it in school. Then we take that day off to celebrate it. Works great for us!

We begin our school year.....

We begin our school year on July 1st. We school through the year taking one week of each month. We also take off extra time during the summer and the holidays. This works well for us because the children do not lose focus having too much time off, plus mom gets a teacher work week or vacation week each month.
—Guest Kim Handley

Each year is different...

Each year is different. But my daughters birthday is May 22, so her birthday party is the end of the school year party. And then our twins' birthday is Aug. 21, so their birthday party is the back to school party as well! We do a lot of summer "learning activities" even if we don't have math books out every day. We also take off school anytime a relative comes to visit. I have found that I will declare "Mommy days" through out the year if I need a day to plan or rest. Well, I better get to work to prepare, we start on Monday!
—Guest Jody

6 weeks in already!

Well, we ended last year in May-and spent May watching Gilligan's Island. In June we watched Land of the Lost. We started back mid-July (the heat of the summer) so we didn't have to spend so much time outside melting.
—Guest alexis3700

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