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Readers Respond: How do you establish a school identity?

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What do you do for school identity? How did you come up with your school name? What other things do you do? Do you have ID cards, stationery, school colors? Share your creativity with us and help spark ideas for the rest of us.

school name

I wanted to reflect the bilingual family we have, so we named our Academia Libertad. Libertad means freedom, which we also value.
—Guest Kelly

School name

We have been homeschooling for four years now. We chose Overcomers Homeschool Academy. I didnt think we could name it until a friend of mine told me that she named it after her street. I thought naming the homeschool was a great idea.
—Guest Jolee

LLR Homeschool

When my daughter was about 7 (she's in college now), she named our school Little Learning Rabbits and drew two bunnies for mascots - a pink one for her and a blue one for her brother. On forms, we usually just abbreviated, LLR Homeschool. When they got older, we were already registered with those initials at all kinds of websites, attractions, etc., so we tried to come up with something more fitting for a jr/sr high school: Living, Learning, Reaching Homeschool.

School name change

My video game-playing girl named our school Polar Star Day School after a video game's Polar Star Preschool. This will be our 3rd year with that name. We were Garden School before that - most of our day was spent in the garden.

Our homeschools name

We live on a lava rock/gravel road in the rural rain forest area of Hawaii Island. The roads name is Mailenani.. it means LOTS of Maile (a fragrant plant for leis) our school is Mailenani Homeschool.
—Guest Barbara Beck

JET Academy

We call our homeschool JET Academy - Just Educating Together

School Name

Several years ago, my husband had the dream of starting a ministry, named Peniel, which means "Face of God". Here in NC, we have to name our school, so when it was time to register, we became "Peniel School." Through Homeschool Share, we made our ID cards (for free!), which we don't really need. I hope that our children can experience the Lord through our school.

Mount Academy

My oldest son is in Pre-K right now, so our name isn't official. I do like JJ (both boys' names start with J) Mount Academy. Maybe we'll just stick to Mount Academy. I made our own crest. Our motto is Prepare Ye (on the banner). An "M" is in the middle with 4 squares surrounding it. I used a scripture to decide what to put in the squares. "And above all (the top of the crest), Christ (crown of thorns)." Our colors are red for warrior (of God) and green for hope and joy. These are what I wish for my boys.
—Guest Allana

School name

We call our school The Sunshine Academy since we are located in sunny Florida. Our friends named their school after their street name.
—Guest Cathy

school name

My grandmother came up with the name. We used the first initial of each child's name in front of their middle name (all of my children have the same middle name) and put Christian school on the end. For example; lets say my kids' names were Edward, Paul and Shawanda and their middle names were Howard (making this up for safety sakes). Our school name would be E.P.S. Howard Christian School.
—Guest Mrs. Dani

Bayou Excellence Academy

My kids named our school Bayou Excellence Academy when we moved to Louisiana. They chose the alligator as our mascot and purple, gold and green (colors of Mardi Gras) as our school colors. We are having school IDs made as well.
—Guest Crystal

Our homeschool name

I have 8 children and our last name is Daniel. So we came up with 'The School D8' (Date) It's different and unique and even works together. :-) (Just like us!!)
—Guest Laura

School Name

We are on our second school name now because we changed the name when we moved. It is Integrity Academy because we wanted to show integrity to others through our home schooling. We are still developing a crest for our school and we wear similar colors whenever we go out on field trips. Usually, the brighter the better! Formerly, when we lived in CA, our school had been called Straight Arrow Private School and we had photo ID cards.

School name and logo

We went with our street name. Northport Academy. I could picture a sun setting with a compass in the corner and see that as God as our direction (north). I know that is stretching it a little, but the picture is neat. I would like to get letterhead and business cards, but it's been four years and I'm still working on that!

School ID

My and son, named our school, he has uniforms with the school name and logo on it. We have a slogan and it is posted on the wall at home. I also did pens with the school and other things like a planner. We have a school song and mascot. He loved it and proudly wears his uniform on field trips.
—Guest Erica

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