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Reader Submissions: Homeschool Graduates


I had the privilege of selecting and sending my neighbor's senior picture to his homeschool group for their yearbook. It was an honor to be involved and was also my inspiration to create the Homeschool Graduate Showcase.

Brandice Nicholle - Class of 2010

Brandice has participated in innumerable extracurricular activities as a home schooled child. A few of which are Sacred Dance, Y-Sports, Home school P.E. Co-op, art classes, AWANA Club, Keepers of th…More

Ryan Scott Janko - Class of 2010

Ryan's passion is music and theater arts. Over the past 8 years he has appeared in more than 30 professional productions including plays, movies, and traveling troupe performances. Ryan has also stud…More

Issachar Anderson - Class of 2010

Issachar is such a forward-thinking young man that he convinced his math teacher to allow him to take two calculus classes in preparation for the rigors of an engineering program in college, and he h…More

Shelby Mitchell Hinshaw - Class of 2010

I learned that the little things in life like being in several foster homes, then finally getting adopted, may look like barriers with no room to breath, can be broken down and accomplishments can ha…More

Lacey Dorris - Class of 2010

Lacey is an avid reader. She loves traveling, hiking, and camping. She is also very active in the lives of her younger siblings. She has played the flute and piano. She also enjoys singing with her f…More

Aaron Christopher Schultz - Class of 2010

He will be continuing his education at State College of Florida working on his A.S. in Digital Media. Then he plans on attending the Teen Mania Honor Academy. Aaron plans to pursue a career in digita…More

Clara Faith Brown - Class of 2010

At the age of 15, Clara was eligible through her grades and test scores to participate in the dual-enrollment program at VGCC but was not old enough. Turning 16 as a senior guaranteed her participati…More

Benjamin John Bennett - Class of 2009

My hobbies are reading, playing guitar, and theater. I plan to attend Biola University this fall. I plan to earn a graduate degree in either Business or Psychology after completing undergraduate stud…More

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