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Reader Stories: Our Homeschool Field Trip - Florida


Homeschool field trips provide an opportunity for your children to experience the world around them first hand. Rather alone, or with a group, field trips can bring your studies to life and reinforce the lessons learned at home.

Have you been on a homeschool field trip lately? Share your local field trip experiences and help others as they follow in your footsteps. You can also share a picture or two of your experience.

Edison and Ford Winter Estates

We scheduled a class for 12 kids on prolific inventors, Edison and Ford. The class guide was very energetic and appealing to all the kids. The kids made slime while learning about polymers and Edison…More

Daken Dairy Farms

On this field trip you get a guided tour of a working dairy farm from beginning to end. There are always cows in labor here - so there is a good chance you will see a cow giving birth. The corn maze …More

Sanford/Orlando Zoo and Botanical Gardens

Sanford Zoo is located on an area so beautiful is a pleasure just to drive there. Early in the morning is the best time to go. Kids of all ages enjoy the close encounter with the animals, reptiles, i…More

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