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I Want To Pull My Child Out Of School

Share Your Story: Tell Us About Your Homeschooling Blog

By sahmiam3

Name of your homeschooling blog

I Want To Pull My Child Out Of School

Do you accept comments from readers?


How Old is Your Blog?

My blog is just over a year old. The link above is to the very first entry.

Why did you start your homeschooling blog?

My blog initially started out as just a WordPad journal. I then decided to move it over to an online journal site so that family, friends, and anyone else who had an interest in the topic of homeschooling could read about my experiences. I figured perhaps somebody would find some of them helpful, or useful, or reassuring. If even one person came across it and found it to be any of those things, that's why it's online instead of on my computer's hard drive.

What do you cover in your homeschooling blog?

My blog started with the very first day (just over a year ago) I went up to my husband and asked him "So, um, you're going to think I'm nuts, but, uh, how do you feel about homeschooling?" I had never thought of myself as homeschool material before. But I was just so fed up with the public school system, I'd started doing a lot of reading up on homeschooling, and I had a gut feeling it was the right thing to do for our family- for entirely secular reasons. I was so scared he'd shoot me down that very first day! But he didn't! My blog covers just about EVERYTHING- from my reasons to wanting to homeschool, back in the days when I titled each entry "I Want To Pull My Child Out Of School," to the things I learned about it as I went, to the steps I took to making it happen. You will read about how I pulled my child out of public school a couple of months before the end of the school year (changing all my blog entry titles to "I've Pulled My Child Out Of School!," and what daily homeschooling and family life has been like in our home in the year since.


  • I'm afraid I can't do much by way of advising people on how to start a blog. Mine doesn't get much traffic or comments. But it has been a fantastic journal/record of everything we went through to make us want to start homeschooling, to making it happen, to our first year as brand-new homeschoolers. I've been able to tell family and friends "Check it out. That's what we do. That's why we do it." I've been able to read back and smile on some of the memories, and to reassure myself of how much we really do, even on the days when it seems like we don't do much.

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