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Reader Reviews : Teaching Textbooks Reviews

User Rating 4.5 Star Rating (8 Reviews)


There are many math programs available for homeschoolers to use to teach their children. Some are great and some are just okay. Read reviews of Teaching Textbooks by other About.com readers.

Teaching Textbooks - 2 thumbs up!

I am a homeschool mom of 6 children. I have used MUS with my oldest child, but was really having trouble finding the time to grade her work. Level 3 of Teaching Textbooks has been a huge relief in th…More

Teaching Textbooks, Upper Levels

Pros:Kids liked it and did it all the way through--what more can I say?I keep making dinner and don't have to stop to be an algebra guru in the middle of it. Thorough solutions for every problem are …More

Not a Fan of Teaching Textbooks

I am not a fan of Teaching Textbooks. My son used Saxon for Algebra I and II, and used the DIVE DVDs with Algebra II. In between, he used Teaching Textbooks for Geometry, so as to have a separate Geo…More

Teaching Textbooks a must!

A definite must for my family! We've used Singapore Math and several others. But they just didn't work for any of us. I tried Teaching Textbooks. My kids complain because they don't like math, but th…More

Teaching Textbooks = Tear Free!

My perfectionist son was finally tear free when we started this program. Not having any pressure from Mom or anyone to see him work through a problem was exactly what he needed. He now has an A accor…More

Teaching Textbooks recommended by students

We had used another curriculum for several years and I thought my children were doing well. I was at a homeschool convention and they had a table about Teaching Textbooks. I stopped in because there …More

Teaching Textbooks a Hit!

We've tried several math programs for my oldest daughter in the past 4 years, including Saxon, Scott Foresman, and Singapore. Finally after rave reviews from another homeschooling family, we bought T…More

Teaching Textbooks are awesome!

The Teaching Textbooks are awesome! We have only homeschooled my son for two years and we have used Teaching Textbooks both years - Algebra 1 and Geometry. It's a very self-paced system. If your chil…More

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