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Lesson 7 - Learning About Sharks


Sharks are a member of Class Chondrichthyes which includes the rays and skates. There are 368 recognized species of sharks.

Learning About Sharks:

  • Smiley Shark
    Smiley Shark loves to smile, but everyone is afraid of his big, sharp, toothy grin.

  • What is a Shark?
    Until the late 16th century sharks were usually referred to in the English language as sea-dogs.

Shark Projects:

  • Shark Printables
    Learn more about sharks with these printable pages - worksheets, wordsearch and coloring pages. Add the completed pages to your Shark Notebook.

  • Shark Crafts
    There are quite a few crafts for this lesson. Do all of them or choose the ones you like best.

  • Shark Recipes
    Cooking with Kids - Make this Under the Sea Cake or Shark Bite Jello.

Shark Fun:

  • Games and Stuff
    Add the printable activities to your notebook. Have fun with the online games and activities.

  • Coloring Pages
    Print out the coloring pages. Answer the questions neatly on the coloring page.


Discovering Sea Creature Series:

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