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Paper Mache/Oatmeal Containers Palm Tree


Paper Mache/Oatmeal Containers Palm Tree is a fun craft for the kids to make and is a great companion to the Paper Mache Coconuts! This is good for a study on Robinson Crusoe, tropical islands, Hawaii, monkeys, etc.


  • Empty oatmeal containers(the round ones) different sizes
  • Newspaper torn up into pieces
  • Tacky Glue and water or you can use paper mache paste
  • Green poster board/paper or fake/silk leaves
  • Tan paint
  • Rice, sand, dried beans, rocks, etc.
Fill the bottom oatmeal container with either rice, sand, dried beans, or rocks.

Glue another oatmeal container to the top of that one, and continue that until you have the size tree you want placing smaller containers as you get to the top of the tree. Or you can just all of one size if you want.

Take the torn up newspaper and dip in the glue mix and place onto the oatmeal containers. After you have the whole tree trunk covered let dry then paint. (*Another way is just glue the containers together and then paint. Skipping the paper mache step.)

Cut palm leaf shapes from the green posterboard and glue to the top of your tree. Or you can use fake/silk leaves to make them.

After all the glue and paint is dry your palm tree is ready for your coconuts.

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