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Top 4 Woodburning Kits


Woodburning is fun for your older students. Try some of the projects in these woodburning kits.

1. Deluxe 3D Woodburning Kit

This Deluxe 3D Woodburning Kit has everything you need to make exciting project in wood, leather and cork. Kit include woodburning pen and stand, pre-cut wood figures, hardwood, cork, sandpaper, paints, paintbrush, instructions and more.

2. Woodburning Set

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This classic Woodburning Set includes an electric pen with four metal tips and instructions which stress responsible use of the hot-tipped pen. Decorative Branding Tips make striking border patterns. For ages 15 and up, with attentive adult supervision. (Treasure Chest not included)

3. NSI Woodburning Set

This set contains everything you need to build and decorate your own CD holder, frames for your favorite pictures plus nameplates, cork board, leather embossing and more! (for ages 13 and up)
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4. Woodburning Tool

Stay cool design for comfort & control, 5 tip designs; replaceable & interchangeable. Finger grooved handle with heat shield, Double insulated. Includes tool stand. (Adult supervision required)
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