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North Carolina History and Activity Books


Children all over America are required to study the history and geography of their state, usually in the 4th grade. Here are books to help homeschoolers of North Carolina accomplish this task.

1. North Carolina - America the Beautiful Series

From the America the Beautiful series, North Carolina features full color photographs, maps, fast facts and is fully indexed. 144 pages, grades 4-8.

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2. North Carolina - Hello U.S.A. Series

From the 'Hello U.S.A.' series, this book takes you on a tour of the history, geography, people, economy, and environment of North Carolina. Features colorful photos, easy-to-read text, and fascinating facts sidebars. 84 pages, grades 3-6.
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3. North Carolina - From Sea to Shining Sea Series

North Carolina, part of the 'From Sea to Shining Sea' series discusses the geography, history, industries, and famous people. Features full color photographs, 64 pages. (for grades 3-5)

4. North Carolina Facts and Symbols

"Jam-packed with information, these books are an ideal resource for report writing and teaching. Fast Facts highlight each state's capital city, largest city, physical size, population, natural resources, and primary manufactured goods." 24 pages, grades 3-5.
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5. North Carolina - Portrait of America Series

If you want an in-depth portrait of a state, you have to look beyond the basic facts. Portrait of America fills in the facts of history, economy, and culture with vignettes of individual residents, special events, and featured industries. 48 pages, grades 3-12.
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6. The Thirteen Colonies - North Carolina

North Carolina was the location of the first English attempt to colonize the New World. But the mysterious fate of the members of that "Lost Colony" and Virginia Dare, the first English child born in America, is only one of the intriguing historical aspects of this unique state.
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7. Pale As the Moon

Pale as the Moon unfolds in the 16th century on one of the small, sandy Outer Banks islands off the North Carolina coast. This is the tale of the enduring friendship between a young Indian girl, Gray Squirrel, and a wild Outer Banks pony.
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8. Emma and the Civil Warrior

For twelve-year-old Emma Graham and the rest of her city, the war still rages. They have shuttered their windows and locked their doors. They know that Union General William T. Sherman is heading toward their city with his army of destruction. For middle grades.
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