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Top 10 Magazines for Preschoolers


Here are some magazines for your younger kids. Even the little ones love to get magazines every month. These magazines are designed for babies, toddlers and early learners.

1. Big Backyard

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Big BackYard Magazine is perfect for kids ages 3 to 5. Each issue features photos of baby animals, read-to-me stories, poems, riddles, and games. This monthly magazine uses simple text to help kids start on the road to reading.

2. Wild Animal Baby

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Wild Animal Baby Magazine is designed for babies and toddlers between the ages of 12 months and 3 years. The sturdy, board format makes it a durable magazine that can be enjoyed again and again. Each issue is filled with rhymes, stories and cute baby animals. This is one of my favorites.

3. National Geographic Little Kids Magazine

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National Geographic Little Kids' captivating animal stories develop pre-reading and reading skills as well answer questions about kids' favorite creatures. Features about different cultures bring the world to your child and inspire a sense of understanding. Interactive experiments introduce simple science, and fun puzzles and games teach logic, counting, and so much more! (for ages 3 to 6)

4. Zootles Magazine

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Zootles Magazine is written for younger children by the publishers of Zoobooks. Each issue features a different new animal, providing children the basic knowledge of the animal's anatomy, habitat and behavior. Each issue also features a letter of the alphabet, phonetic sound and number, to help children apply basic skills while learning about the animal kingdom. The beautiful wildlife photography, cartoons, and illustrations will amuse children and parents alike!

5. Ladybug

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Ladybug Magazine is a colorful, delightful magazine filled with charming characters, games, songs, poems, and stories. For ages 2-6.

6. Babybug

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Babybug encourages a love of books for infants and toddlers 6 months to 2 years. Babybug Magazine is filled with colorful pictures and simple rhymes and stories that babies and parents will delight in reading together.

7. Highlights High Five

Highlights High Five magazine promotes reasoning, problem solving and creative self-expression. Each issue features activities, puzzles and simple non-fiction for preschoolers. (ages 3-5)

8. Zoobies

Zoobies magazine is a new magazine for children ages 0-3 from Zoobooks. Each issue introduces a wild animal with lift-the-flap surprises, beautiful photography and illustrations, and mind-building concepts like colors, shapes, sizes, numbers and more. Durable pages are tough enough for toddlers.

9. Thomas & Friends Magazine

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Thomas & Friends Magazine brings to life the magical world of Thomas and his friends for early learners. Every issue of Thomas and Friends is filled with charming stories and includes a collectible poster, educational activities, and a pull-out workbook. This is my top choice for my grandson who has Autism and loves trains. (For ages 2-5)

10. Sparkle World Magazine

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Sparkle World Magazine features the Care Bears, Angelina Ballerina, Strawberry Shortcake and many others. Each 40-page, full-color issue is packed With sweet stories, sparkly things to make, a pull-out workbook, and a poster. (For girls ages 3 and up)
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