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Educational Calendars for Kids


Calendars can be more than just about what day it is. These top picks for kids encourage creativity and learning. These calendars will bring enjoyment year round!

1. The Learning Calendar 2012

The Learning Calendar - 2012
Beverly Hernandez

"Hang history on your wall!" The Learning Calendar is an incredible history-based activity calendar. Kids will love discovering a new adventure every day. The 2012 theme is "A Year of Intriguing Americans."

2. 2012 Kid's Activity Calendar

2012 Kid's Activity Calendar
Beverly Hernandez

This activity calendar is packed with fun activities for your kids. Each month features seasonal activities to teach and entertain with mazes, filling in the blanks and more.

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3. Magnetic Learning Calendar

Image provided by Christianbook.com

The Magnetic Learning Calendar provides a colorful and fun way to help youngsters track days, weeks, months and even the weather! Includes 51 magnetic pieces and activity guide. The 12" w x 16.5" h calendar has a write-on/wipe-off surface.

4. Mathematics Calendar 2012

Mathematics Calendar 2012
Beverly Hernandez

This calendar will get your mind working! The 2012 Mathematics Calendar offers a problem for each day of the year - the solution is always the date! There are also informative facts, mathematical curiosities and challenge problems. The 2012 issue is a special edition with a compilation of past years showing how the calendar evolved. (Ages 12 and up)

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