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Thanksgiving Fun

Learn all about Thanksgiving and celebrate with some fun activities.

Thanksgiving Studies and Activities

A comprehensive list of Thanksgiving printables, studies and activities provided to enhance your studies.

Thanksgiving Printables

The American Thanksgiving holiday began as a feast of thanksgiving in the early days of the American colonies almost four hundred years ago. Enjoy these Thanksgiving Printables this holiday season.

Hand Print Turkey Craft

Tempura paint, paint brushes and a sheet of paper provides an hour of fun and a cute Thanksgiving turkey for children of all ages.

The First Thanksgiving

A brief study on Thanksgiving with discussion questions.

Thanksgiving Books for Kids

Learn about the Thanksgiving Holiday through children's books. Thanksgiving is a time for celebrating and being thankful for family and friends.

Celebrate Thanksgiving Day

Learn about Thanksgiving Day, the Presidential Proclamation and Thanksgiving Day Symbols. Then, try your hand at the quiz and the Thanksgiving Day Wordsearch.

Thanksgiving Day Quiz

How much do you know about Thanksgiving Day? Learn all about the origin and traditions of Thanksgiving Day and then test your knowledge.

Thanksgiving Poetry

Thanksgiving poetry submissions from the Homeschoolers Writing Club - celebrate Thanksgiving while enjoying the poetry.

Thanksgiving Day Wordsearch

Find the Thanksgiving words.

Colonial Kids - An Activity Guide

Kids will love learning about Colonial Life with the activities and projects in Colonial Kids. This easy-to-use book is ideal for unit studies, homeschool classes or to bring your curriculum to life.

Pumpkin Spice Cake

I love pumpkin - try this recipe for pumpkin spice cake.

Classic Apple Pie

The apple pie is the official State Pie of Vermont.

Thanksgiving Fun

Here are links to the best Thanksgiving crafts, recipes, games and activities on the web.
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