1. Education
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Teens, College and Career

How to keep teen homeschoolers motivated and help them on the path to college, career and adult life.

Going From Homeschool to College
How do homeschoolers get into college? As with homeschooling itself, there are many methods to choose from.

Get Ready for College
Five steps homeschooling teens can take now.

Making the Transition to College
Help your students get the most out of their college experience.

Prepare a Narrative Homeschool Transcript
A narrative transcript is a great way to show how homeschooling prepared your student to succeed in college.

Your Homeschooling Philosophy Statement
How to define your family's personal goals and show colleges how your student was educated.

How to Get Great Letters of Recommendation
Who to ask and what to ask for.

Don't Sweat the SAT
A veteran homeschool mom shares her advice for staying calm at test time.

Write a Letter That Will Get Your Child Into College
How to prepare the "guidance counselor letter" for your child's college application.

Does Your Homeschooler Need a GED?
Options for showing your homeschooled child has graduated.

You Don't Have to Teach it All Yourself
Parents of tweens and teens have lots of options when it comes to finding teachers and other resources to supplement the learning going on at home.

Review: "Don't Go Back to School" by Kio Stark
Kio Stark interviewed dozens of people who acquired the knowledge they needed outside of a college classroom and came up with a testimonial to independent learning.

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