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Unschooling Families


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Supporting families learning together

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A homeschool support group for families in East Central Wisconsin interested in self-directed and/or interest-initiated learning.


$10/year for newsletter

Application Procedure and Requirements:

See webpage

Membership Benefits:

Potlucks, field trips, teen group

As a group, we try to provide one another with:

  • Tips and help with problems
  • Field trips and events (arranged as members are inspired)
  • Resource sharing
  • Group catalog orders
  • Newsletter
  • Potlucks (good food!)
  • "Socialization" - for the whole family
But most of all, we are there for each other as a nurturing community of like-minded souls.

We are an open, cooperative group with no formal leadership. Members contribute according to their interests, energy and time. If you want to see something happen, try it!

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