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Other homeschooling parents are your best resource for help making education part of your children's life.
  1. Support Groups by State (55)
  2. National Organizations (3)
  3. International Organizations (1)
  4. Magazines (14)

Host a Homeschool Info Night
A homeschool info night is a great way to educate the community and interested families.

Best Ways to Find Support
Support groups and social media are great ways for homeschoolers to connect.

The Only Homeschooling Advice You'll Ever Need
All my homeschooling advice, boiled down into five thoughts.

5 Not-Back-to-School Ideas
For homeschoolers, back to school time opens up a world of possibilities.

Homeschooling Support Groups by State
Find legal information and support groups for each state.

Homeschool Coop - Benefits of Joint Classes
Homeschooling families can join together to share in the education of their children.

Homeschooling in Canada
Homeschooling information by province: legal, support group and organization.

Homeschooling in the USA
Homeschooling information by state: legal, support group and organization.

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