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Tough Decisions

What if you want to put your kids in school?


Making the decision to homeschool is usually very difficult and requires a well thought out decision. Making the decision to stop homeschooling and put the children in school - public or private - is also a very difficult decision requiring much thought and research. It's funny, sometimes the same people that objected to the decision to begin homeschooling are also the same people that object to the decision to stop.

There is a discussion in the Homeschooling Forum that addresses this topic. MAG98 says, "I am feeling like such a quitter" and "I realize that I will be seen as very selfish and not care about my kids education." Unfortunately, this feeling is all too common. Many homeschoolers look down on those who make the decision to stop homeschooling. People, who are our friends, are all too often judgmental and critical of our decision. This is very sad. Each family has a unique set of circumstances and must make the decision that is best for their family. This decision should be respected and supported, especially by fellow homeschoolers.

I homeschooled all three of my children from the beginning. I never had the mindset of 'one year at a time,' I was in it for the long haul. However, I chose to put my son in public high school his junior year. But why? I wasn't burnt out, stressed, or tired of homeschooling. It was nothing of the sort. I just felt that it was time and was something that he needed. I homeschooled both of my girls all the way through to college, but chose to put my son in school for his last two years. I didn't feel guilty and I didn't feel like a failure. I didn't ask for others' approval and didn't worry about what they thought. I made the decision and went with it. I was still a homeschooling mom and always will be. I am in full support of homeschooling and think that everyone who wants to should give it a try.

I also feel that each family should be able to make the decision to stop homeschooling without feeling guilty. I think that in the process of making the decision, people should be careful to guard their hearts and be wary of those who are quick to judge and don't have a listening ear. It is usually a delicate and emotional time. We need to choose our mentors wisely.

Feeling burnt out?

Now, I am not saying that everyone who feels homeschool burnout should put their kids in school. I have gone through bouts of burnout during my years of homeschooling without putting my kids in school. There were many ups and downs over the years, but putting the kids in school wasn't what we needed at the time. We usually needed to make some changes in our schedule, take a break, or change what we were doing to get through the tough time. There are many ways to combat homeschool burnout - here are some articles to help.

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