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Homeschool Coops - Benefits of Joint Classes


What is a Homeschool Coop?:

A homeschool coop is a group of homeschool families that join together to share in the education of their children. Back in the day, we called our homeschool coop "Friday School" because the classes were held on Fridays.

Homeschool coops involves parent participation by nature. Don't expect to drop your children off at classes or activities. Parents teach classes, care for younger children, help with clean up or other tasks. Sometimes outside teachers are hired, which usually means a more costly program.

Homeschool Coop benefits include:

Group Learning:

The homeschool coop provides an opportunity for homeschool children to experience learning in a group atmosphere. Young students learn skills such as raising your hand to speak, taking turns, waiting in lines, etc. Older students learn more advanced group skills such as working together on projects, class participation, respect for teachers and fellow students.

Homeschool Coop Socialization:

Homeschool coops provide socialization opportunities for both the parent and the student. Students have the opportunity to socialize and make friends. They also learn to deal with peer pressure and problem students. Parents meet other parents, encourage each other, ask questions and bounce ideas off each other.

Shared Expense and Equipment:

Some subjects require equipment or supplies that can be expensive for each family to buy. In a group setting, supplies can be pooled and expenses can be shared through homeschool coop classes. If an outside teacher is hired, the expense is then shared between participating families making it possible to provide top quality classes for our homeschooled students.

Classes Difficult to Teach at Home:

For the younger student, homeschool coops usually offer classes that require more preparation and clean up than your everyday studies. Homeschool coop classes for the younger student often includes, science class, cooking classes, art classes and unit studies. Homeschool coop classes for the older student often include biology, chemistry, advanced math, writing, etc.

Readers Respond: What is your favorite homeschool coop class?

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