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Is it really an issue? Ask a busy homeschooler (if you can catch them at home).

Mystery Meat, the Prom, and Other American Traditions
What is it about school that homeschoolers are really missing out on?

What Not to Say to a Homeschooler
Yeah, they said it. Here's how to deal with it (and avoid a playground fight).

10 Famous Homeschoolers
You'll never believe which celebrities were homeschooled.

What I Don't Like About Public (and Private) School
School structure is itself a problem for many students. Here are some of the reasons homeschoolers look for alternative ways to educate their children.

What's it Like to Homeschool?
10 ways homeschoolers help their kids learn.

Don't Believe the Homeschool Critics
What do critics say about homeschooling, and what are the facts?

More Homeschooling Myths Debunked
Is homeschooling a threat to the public system and the country? Common sense says no.

"Shouldn't you be in School?"
"Is today a holiday?" "Did you have half-day today?" How many times have you been faced with these questions while in line at the supermarket? These are pretty tame questions, but they get worse. Here are a few common questions and some witty responses from the Homeschooling Community.

Another Socialization Myth Debunked
Another Socialization Myth Debunked - Homeschool Socialization. Guest article by Lisa Cabello. As homeschool parents, one of the issues that often comes up is that our children are deprived from joining the school sports team and thereby we, as their parents, are depriving our children from having fun, making friends and learning good sportsmanship.

Homeschool Coop - Benefits of Joint Classes
A homeschool coop is a group of homeschooling families that join together to share in the education of their children. Back in the day, we called our homeschool coop "Friday School" because the classes were held on Fridays.

Homeschool Coop Classes - What is your favorite homeschool coop class?
Homeschool coop classes provide an opportunity for homeschool children to experience learning in a group atmosphere. What is your favorite homeschool class your children have participated in? What materials were used? What projects did they do? Were there any field trips involved?

Homeschool Kids are "Socially Challenged"!
Homeschool Kids are "Socially Challenged"! The socialization question seems to be the old-standby, passive aggressive attack, by those outside spectators of the homeschool movement. How would my children be able to integrate into society, without first learning the valuable "social skills" that only a public school experience could provide?

Homeschoolers Socializing - Photo Gallery
Photo gallery of homeschoolers socializing. Please send in your photos of co-op classes, sports, park days, parties, family gatherings, playing in the neighborhood or whatever else you come up with.

Homeschooling and Socialization
Socialization is not merely having a social life. Socialization is developing social skills that will enable children to interact appropriately in different situations.

Homeschooling Socialization vs. Social Life
Socialization is not merely having a social life. Socialization is developing social skills that will enable children to interact appropriately in different situations.

Life is Not a Number 2 Pencil
Life is Not a Number 2 Pencil - Homeschool Socialization. Guest article by Lisa Cabello. I believe children should have freedom to learn without the negative distractions that are so prevalent in today's society! I also believe that children should be creative thinking individuals because Life is Not A Number 2 Pencil!

Share Your Experience - What is your stance on socialization?
Many people have the misconception that homeschoolers are isolated at home all day, with little or no contact with the outside world. What is your experience? Has your family struggled in this area? What social activities do your children participate in? Do appropriate social skills come naturally to your children or do you have to work at it?

Socialization - What's the Big Deal?
What's the big deal about socialization? For new homeschoolers or those considering homeschooling, the socialization question can be an intimidating one.

Socialization vs. Social Life
Homeschool forum members offer homeschool advice and tips to help you get started in homeschooling. Socialization is knowing how to act appropriately in various situations and is best taught by adults who care about the child.

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