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Top 10 Cookbooks for Young Chefs


Kids love to cook and serve meals and goodies to family and friends. Every kitchen that has kids should have a couple kids cookbooks to keep them interested and excited about learning this necessary skill. These are my top choices for cookbooks for kids.

1. "Kids Cook!"

"Kids Cook!" was written by kids for kids. Sarah and Zachary Williamson set out to write this cookbook for kids for "real" food, not "cute" food that looked like fun, but didn't taste good. This cookbook is an excellent choice for kids who want to help out in the kitchen, prepare meals on their own, and for those who just like good food to eat. (for ages 8 and up)

2. Emeril's There's a Chef in My Soup!

Kick things up a notch with Chef Emeril's first children's cookbook! Includes 75 easy-to-make recipes for kids.
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3. "Kids Cooking"

The Klutz "Kids Cooking" cookbook is one of my all time favorites. I've owned this durable full-color, spiral-bound book for over 12 years. It comes with a set of brightly colored measuring spoons. The recipes range from breakfasts to desserts and includes some fun "don't eat" recipes. (ages 6 and up)
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4. "Magic Spoon Cookbook"

Another Klutz creation, "Magic Spoon Cookbook" has great-tasting nutritious recipes geared for young taste buds. It has art from 22 illustrators around the world and comes with an unbreakable, glittering spoon. (for ages 6 and up)
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5. "Cooking Wizardry for Kids"

This cookbook is not only filled with great tasting recipes, but also lots of fun experiments with kitchen ingredients! Discover what makes cakes and breads rise, learn how to write secret messages with invisibles ink, do taste bud experiments, and much more. "Cooking Wizardry for Kids" includes over 200 recipes, experiments, and projects.
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6. "Cooking Art"

Cooking can be a lot of fun with this cookbook for easy edible art for young children! Learn how to make works of art with the ingredients in your refrigerator and pantry. Make creations like a banana snake, a cantaloupe canoe, sail boat eggs, and more.
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7. "New Junior Cookbook"

This Junior Cookbook has all the basics you need to learn to cook. It includes instructions on reading recipes, kitchen safety, measuring correctly, planning menus and setting the table. There are more than 50 recipes that were tested, tasted and approved by kids. This full-color spiral-bound book is very kid friendly and a great addition to your cooking library.
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8. "Jumbo Cookbook"

Make more that 150 delicious recipes with the "Jumbo Cookbook" by Kids Can Press. In addition to sensible, great tasting dishes, this book includes basic cooking terms, helpful hints, safety tips, menu ideas and recipes from around the world. I'm not crazy about the newsprint paper or the black print with yellow pictures, but considering what you get, it's a good value. (ages 8 and up)

9. "Bake and Make Amazing Cakes"

Kids can make amazing cakes with a few simple cuts and some imaginative decorating ideas. Make 19 fun cakes such as: a butterfly, a tiger, caterpillar and a burger. Full color, illustrated step-by-step instructions make it easy! (for ages 8 and up)
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10. "Gifts to Make and Eat"

This cookbook is full of recipes and decorating ideas that kids make and give as gifts. They not only give yummy treats, but also decorated reusable containers that can be enjoyed long after the goodies are gone! (for ages 8 and up)
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