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Announcing... Spring Science Club

7th Annual Homeschooling Spring Science Club


The 7th Annual Spring Science Club begins March 15, 2007! Get your safety glasses ready!

Sign your children up for the 2007 Spring Science Club provided by your About Homeschooling Guide.

The only cost for the science program is a $.63 stamp to cover postage.

  1. Sign your children up (K-12 Homeschooled)
  2. Print out the Science Form
  3. Children choose a science project, conduct the experiment, recording details on the sheet. (Feel free to attach other papers as necessary.)
  4. Mail the project sheet(s) along with a $.63 stamp to the address provided on the Science Form.
  5. If possible, please include step-by-step (original) pictures of the project, any charts, graphs or drawings, and a picture of the student with the project. You can email any digital pictures, just be sure to identify the student and project that they belong to. I will post them on the site and include a special mention in the newsletter.
  6. Your child will receive a certificate, stickers and a prize in the mail by July 31, 2007.
  7. Deadline: Postmarked by June 20, 2007.

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