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Chemistry Sets


Explore the world of Chemistry with these exciting Chemistry sets. They range from small sets with a few experiments, to larger sets with up to 1500 experiments.

1. CHEM C1000 Chemistry Experiment Kit

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Professor Probenius guides students in this fun chemistry kit by Thames & Kosmos. Build a mini fire extinguisher and make water flow uphill in experiments with air pressure. Float a soap-powered boat to learn about the surface tension of water. Entertain your friends and family with chemistry magic tricks, and then enlighten them with the scientific explanations behind the magic. Identify the elements in different chemical substances with dazzling colors in flame tests. The 75 experiments in the Experiment Manual include instructions for the experiments, safety advice, and asks questions about the results. (For ages 10 and up.)

2. Thames & Kosmos Chem C2000 Chemistry Set

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CHEM C2000 is a complete introduction to the most important topics in chemistry. Discover how fascinating the world is when you know the chemistry behind how everyday things work. The 96-page, full-color Experiment Manual guides aspiring young chemists through the 250 experiments. (for ages 11 and up)

3. Chemlab 1100 Chemistry Set

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The Chemlab 1100 Chemistry Set contains materials for over 1100 experiments. It includes 11 chemicals, chemical rack with built-in test tube holder, electrolysis apparatus, polymer beads, pH color chart, litmus paper, and more. It has no glass pieces and double sealed childproof safety cap on chemicals. (for ages 9 and up)
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4. Smithsonian Crime Lab Investigation Kit

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Solve crimes using forensic science with the Smithsonian Crime Lab Investigation Kit. Kids will review the case, gather and examine evidence, prepare their labs for a forensics review, match the clues and then name the suspect.

5. Smithsonian Mega Science Lab

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The Smithsonian Mega Science Lab features over 1,000 exciting experiments and procedures. Set up your own weather station, build and erupt your own volcano, and grow beautiful crystals. (for ages 10 and up)

6. Kitchen Chemistry

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Kitchen Chemistry comes with a miniature kitchen sink to mix and store your stuff in! This kit uses common household substances to make fun things like: rock candy, super bubbles, molding clay, flip-flop slime, and more! It's a fun and safe way to explore Chemistry! (for ages 8 to 12)

7. Slimey Chemistry

Experiment with globs of starch, mix up some slime, and stir up Pseudo Putty with this Slimey Chemistry set. Includes 9 activities for ages 8 and up.
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